5 Facts About You're a Star


You're a Star was a singing contest in Ireland, similar to The X Factor in the United Kingdom and American Idol in the USA.

American Idol is an American singing competition television series created by Simon Fuller, produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment, and distributed by FremantleMedia North America.

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Created by Screentime ShinAwiL and Raidi√≥ Teilif√≠s √Čireann in 2002, it was shown weekly on RT√Č One over the winter months of each year.

RT√Č One is the flagship television channel of Raidi√≥ Teilif√≠s √Čireann, and it is the most popular and most watched television channel in Ireland.

Raidi√≥ Teilif√≠s √Čireann is a semi-state company and the national public service broadcaster of the Republic of Ireland.

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The show was broadcast live from The Helix theatre in Dublin City University.


The first three winners of You're a Star, won the rights to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest as a prize for their win, but from September 2005 onwards the winner did not receive that right.

The Eurovision Song Contest, sometimes popularly called Eurovision but not to be confused with the Eurovision network that broadcasts it, is the longest-running annual international TV song competition, held, primarily, among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union since 1956.

Ireland has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 50 times since making its debut at the 1965 Contest in Naples.


The show was cancelled after the 2008 series and replaced a year later with The All Ireland Talent Show.

The All Ireland Talent Show was a Raidi√≥ Teilif√≠s √Čireann television series which was billed as Ireland's biggest-ever talent contest.

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