USS Sequoia


USS Sequoia is a former United States presidential yacht used from Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter, who had it sold in 1977.

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter Jr. is an American politician and author who served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981.

Presidential yacht may refer to a naval vessel of a country's navy that would be specially used by the country's president.

Herbert Clark Hoover was an American politician who served as the 31st President of the United States from 1929 to 1933.

Sequoia on the History Channel by TheSequoiaYacht


The ship was decommissioned under Roosevelt and lost its "USS" status at that time, but by popular convention is still often used.

USS Williamsburg by Giovanni Oddone


NorshipCo, a Norfolk-based shipbuilder and dry-docking company, repossessed the yacht after its owners, Presidential Yacht Sequoia Foundation, failed to pay the $3 million it cost to renovate the vessel.


Sequoia was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

A National Historic Landmark is a building, district, object, site, or structure that is officially recognized by the United States government for its outstanding historical significance.


The yacht is 104 feet long, with a wooden hull, and was designed by John Trumpy Sr., a well-known shipbuilder.

John H. Mathis & Company was a shipbuilding company founded around 1900, based at Cooper Point in Camden, New Jersey, U.


It includes a presidential stateroom, guest bedrooms, a galley and dining room, and was at one time retrofitted with an elevator for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, commonly known as FDR, was an American statesman and political leader who served as the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945.


In June 2000, she was sold via auction on Bid4Assets, to Gary Silversmith who took ownership that September.

Bid4Assets, established in 1999, was the first online real estate auction website to operate in the United States.


In November 2004, she was sought for repurchase by the US government, but the owner declined the offer.

The Federal Government of the United States is the national government of the United States, a republic in North America, composed of 50 states, one district, Washington, D.C., and several territories.


In December of 2014 Sequoia was hauled out of the water and placed in storage at a commercial boat yard awaiting resolution of a court case involving her ownership.


As of November 2016 the yacht was still in storage as the lengthy litigation continued.

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