Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance-disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron.

James Francis Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, director, producer, screenwriter, inventor, engineer, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer.

A disaster film is a film genre that has an impending or ongoing disaster as its subject and primary plot device.

Seconds From Disaster - S03E01 - Titanic [Sinking Of The ... by Aviator5784


A fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage.

Social class, as in class society, is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centered on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories, the most common being the upper, middle, and lower classes.

The maiden voyage of a ship, aircraft or other craft is the first journey made by the craft after shakedown.

Kate Elizabeth Winslet, CBE, is an English actress and singer.

Titanic by Paramount Movies


Cameron's inspiration for the film came from his fascination with shipwrecks; he felt a love story interspersed with the human loss would be essential to convey the emotional impact of the disaster.

A shipwreck is the remains of a ship that has wrecked, which are found either beached on land or sunken to the bottom of a body of water.


Production began in 1995, when Cameron shot footage of the actual Titanic wreck.


The modern scenes on the research vessel were shot on board the Akademik Mstislav Keldysh, which Cameron had used as a base when filming the wreck.

The R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh is a 6,240 ton Russian scientific research vessel.


Scale models, computer-generated imagery, and a reconstruction of the Titanic built at Playas de Rosarito in Baja California were used to re-create the sinking.

A scale model is most generally a physical representation of an object, which maintains accurate relationships between all important aspects of the model, although absolute values of the original properties need not be preserved.

Computer-generated imagery is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, shorts, commercials, videos, and simulators.

A miniature is a small-scale reproduction, or a small version.


The film was partially funded by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

Paramount Pictures Corporation is an American film studio, television production company and motion picture distributor, consistently ranked as one of the "Big Six" film studios of Hollywood.

The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is an American film studio, distributor and one of the six major American film studios.


It was the most expensive film made at that time, with an estimated budget of $200 million.


Upon its release on December 19, 1997, Titanic achieved critical and commercial success.


Nominated for fourteen Academy Awards, it tied All About Eve for the most Oscar nominations, and won eleven, including the awards for Best Picture and Best Director, tying Ben Hur for the most Oscars won by a single film.

The Academy Awards, or "Oscars", is an annual American awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry as assessed by the Academy's voting membership.

All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck.


With an initial worldwide gross of over $1.84 billion, Titanic was the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark.


It remained the highest-grossing film of all time until Cameron's 2009 film Avatar surpassed it in 2010.


A 3D version of Titanic, released on April 4, 2012 to commemorate the centennial of the sinking, earned it an additional $343.6 million worldwide, pushing the film's worldwide total to $2.18 billion.


It became the second film to gross more than $2 billion worldwide.

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