Sh'erit Ha-Pletah


Sh'erit ha-Pletah is a biblical term used by Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust to refer to themselves and the communities they formed following their liberation in the spring of 1945.

In Jewish history, Jews have experienced numerous mass expulsions or ostracism by various local authorities and have sought refuge in other countries.

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany and its collaborators killed about six million Jews.

Holocaust Survivors – First Steps in the DP Camps and a ... by Yad Vashem


Hundreds of thousands of survivors spent several years following their repatriation in Displaced Persons camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a federal republic and a landlocked country of over 8.7 million people in Central Europe.

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe.

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The refugees became socially and politically organized, advocating at first for their political and human rights in the camps, and then for the right to emigrate to British Mandate of Palestine, most of which became the Jewish State of Israel where the majority ended up living by 1950.

Mandatory Palestine was a geopolitical entity under British administration, carved out of Ottoman Southern Syria after World War I. British civil administration in Palestine operated from 1920 until 1948.

Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a country in the Middle East, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.

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