6 Facts About Ramsey County, Minnesota


Ramsey County is a county located in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

Radio call from Yanez to Kauser (WARNING: Graphic content) by Ramsey County


As of the 2010 census, the population was 508,640, making it the second-most populous county in Minnesota.

Press conference responding to verdict in Jeronimo Yanez trial by Ramsey County


Its county seat is St. Paul, which is also Minnesota's state capital.

A county seat is an administrative center, or seat of government, for a county or civil parish.


The county was founded in 1849 and is named for Alexander Ramsey, the first governor of the Minnesota Territory.

The Territory of Minnesota was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from March 3, 1849, until May 11, 1858, when the eastern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Minnesota.


Ramsey County is included in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area.

In the United States, a metropolitan statistical area is a geographical region with a relatively high population density at its core and close economic ties throughout the area.

Minneapolis–Saint Paul is a major metropolitan area built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers in east central Minnesota.


It is the smallest and most densely populated county in Minnesota, as well as one of the most densely populated counties in the United States.

The United States of America, commonly referred to as the United States or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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