President of France


The President of the French Republic, is the executive head of state of the French Fifth Republic.

A head of state or Chief of State is the highest-ranking position in a sovereign state and is vested with powers to act as the chief public representative of that state.

The Fifth Republic is the fifth and current republican constitution of France, introduced on 4 October 1958.

There have been several Fifth Republics in the course of history, including:

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The powers, functions and duties of prior presidential offices, and their relation with the first minister and cabinets has over time differed with the various French constitutions.

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The President of France is also the ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra, Grand Master of the LĂ©gion d'honneur and the Ordre national du MĂ©rite and honorary proto-canon of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.

The Papal Archbasilica of St. John in Lateran, commonly known as St. John Lateran Archbasilica, St. John Lateran Basilica, St. John Lateran, or simply the Lateran Basilica, is the cathedral church of Rome, Italy and therefore houses the cathedra, or ecclesiastical seat, of the Roman Pontiff.

Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra, also called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra, is a sovereign landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France.

The National Order of Merit is a French order of merit with membership awarded by the President of the French Republic, founded on 3 December 1963 by President Charles de Gaulle.


The current President of France is François Hollande, who took office on 15 May 2012.

François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande is a French politician who has been President of the French Republic since being elected to the position in 2012.

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