Pizza is a flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven.

Cheese is a food derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavors, textures, and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein.

Tomato sauce, refers to any of a very large number of sauces made primarily from tomatoes, usually to be served as part of a dish.

A flatbread is a bread made with flour, water and salt, and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough.


It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments.


The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.

Central Italy is one of the five official statistical regions of Italy used by the National Institute of Statistics, a first level NUTS region and a European Parliament constituency.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe.

Gaeta is a city and comune in the province of Latina, in Lazio, central Italy.


The modern pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and the dish and its variants have since become popular in many areas of the world.

Naples is the capital of the Italian region Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy, after Rome and Milan.


In 2009, upon Italy's request, Neapolitan pizza was safeguarded in the European Union as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed dish.

Three European Union schemes of geographical indications and traditional specialties, known as protected designation of origin, protected geographical indication, and traditional specialities guaranteed, promote and protect names of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Neapolitan cuisine has ancient historical roots that date back to the Greco-Roman period, which was enriched over the centuries by the influence of the different cultures that controlled Naples and its kingdoms, such as that of Aragon and France.

The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe.


The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 with headquarters in Naples.


It promotes and protects the "true Neapolitan pizza". Pizza is sold fresh or frozen, either whole or in portions, and is a common fast food item in Europe and North America.

Fast food, a type of mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly, was first popularized in the 1950s in the United States, and is typically less nutritionally valuable compared to other foods and dishes.

Freezing food preserves it from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten.


Various types of ovens are used to cook them and many varieties exist.

An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking or drying of a substance, and most commonly used for cooking.


Several similar dishes are prepared from ingredients commonly used in pizza preparation, such as calzone and stromboli.

Stromboli is a type of turnover filled with various cheeses and Italian meats or vegetables.

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