Military Operations


A military operation is the coordinated military actions of a state, or a non-state actor, in response to a developing situation.

Non-state actors are entities that participate or act in international relations.

War is a state of armed conflict between societies.

USMC Military Operations on Urban Terrain by MilitaryNotes


These actions are designed as a military plan to resolve the situation in the state's favor.

A military operation plan is a formal plan for military armed forces, their military organizations and units to conduct operations, as drawn up by commanders within the combat operations process in achieving objectives before or during a conflict.

Raw Coverage of US Military's Operation Dragon Spear by VICE News


Operations may be of a combat or non-combat nature and are referred to by a code name for the purpose of national security.

National security is a concept that a government, along with its parliaments, should protect the state and its citizens against all kind of "national" crises through a variety of power projections, such as political power, diplomacy, economic power, military might, and so on.

Combat or fight is a purposeful violent conflict meant to weaken, establish dominance over, or kill the opposition, or to drive the opposition away from a location where it is not wanted or needed.

A code name or cryptonym is a word or name used, sometimes clandestinely, to refer to another name, word, project or person.


Military operations are often known for their more generally accepted common usage names than their actual operational objectives.

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