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Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP is a Canadian politician who is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and the Leader of the Liberal Party.

The Prime Minister of Canada is the primary minister of the Crown, chairman of the Cabinet, and thus head of government for Canada, charged with advising the Canadian monarch or federal viceroy on the exercise of the executive powers vested in them by the constitution.

A prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government, often in a parliamentary or semi-presidential system.

Canadians are the people who are identified with the country of Canada.

Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama have first formal meeting by The National


The second-youngest Prime Minister after Joe Clark, he is also, as the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the first child of a previous Prime Minister to hold the post.

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau PC CC CH QC FRSC, usually known as Pierre Trudeau or Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was a Canadian politician who served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984.

Charles Joseph "Joe" Clark, PC CC AOE is a Canadian statesman, businessman, writer, and politician who served as the 16th Prime Minister of Canada, from June 4, 1979, to March 3, 1980.

Justin Trudeau meets the Queen by The National


Born in Ottawa, Trudeau attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and graduated from McGill University in 1994 and the University of British Columbia in 1998.

Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf is a private, previously Jesuit French-language educational institution offering secondary school and college-level instruction in Montreal, Quebec, CEGEP.

British Columbia,, is the westernmost province of Canada, with a population of more than 4 million people located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

The University of British Columbia, commonly referred to as UBC, is a public research university with campuses and facilities in British Columbia, Canada.


He gained a high public profile in October 2000, when he delivered a eulogy at his father's state funeral.

A eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing, especially one who recently died or retired or as a term of endearment.


After graduating, he worked as a teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver, officially the City of Vancouver, is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada, and the most populous city in the province.


He completed one year of an engineering program at Montreal's l'École Polytechnique before deciding to quit the program in 2003.


In 2005 he began a master's degree in environmental geography at Montreal's McGill University and quit this program after one year.

Integrated geography is the branch of geography that describes and explains the spatial aspects of interactions between human individuals or societies and their natural environment, called coupled human–environment systems.


He used his public profile to advocate for various causes and acted in the 2007 TV miniseries The Great War.


Eight years after his father's death, Trudeau became involved in politics.


In the 2008 federal election, he was elected to represent the riding of Papineau in the House of Commons.


In 2009, he was appointed the Liberal Party's critic for youth and multiculturalism, and the following year, became critic for citizenship and immigration.


In 2011, he was appointed as critic for secondary education and youth and amateur sport.


Trudeau won the leadership of the Liberal Party in April 2013 and went on to lead his party to victory in the 2015 federal election, moving the third-placed Liberals from 36 seats to 184 seats, the largest-ever numerical increase by a party in a Canadian election.


Forbes has ranked Trudeau the 69th most powerful person in the world.

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