6 Facts About Jet Aircraft


A jet aircraft is an aircraft propelled by jet engines.

A jet engine is a reaction engine discharging a fast-moving jet that generates thrust by jet propulsion.

An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy.

An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air.

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Whereas the engines in propeller-powered aircraft generally achieve their maximum efficiency at much lower speeds and altitudes, jet engines and aircraft achieve maximum efficiency at speeds close to or even well above the speed of sound.

The speed of sound is the distance travelled per unit time by a sound wave as it propagates through an elastic medium.

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Jet aircraft generally cruise at faster than about M 0.8 at altitudes around 10,000–15,000 metres or more.


Frank Whittle, an English inventor and RAF officer, developed the concept of the jet engine in 1928, and Hans von Ohain in Germany developed the concept independently in the early 1930s.

Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle OM KBE CB FRS FRAeS was an English Royal Air Force engineer air officer.

Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain was a German physicist, the designer of the first operational jet engine.

The Royal Air Force is the United Kingdom's aerial warfare force.


He wrote in February 1936 to Ernst Heinkel, who led the construction of the world's first turbojet aircraft and jet plane Heinkel He 178.

Dr. Ernst Heinkel was a German aircraft designer, manufacturer, Wehrwirtschaftsführer in the Third Reich, and member of the Nazi party.

The turbojet is an airbreathing jet engine, usually used in aircraft.


However, it can be argued that the English engineer A. A. Griffith, who published a paper in July 1926 on compressors and turbines, also deserves credit.

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