the Historiography of the Ottoman Empire


The historiography of the Ottoman Empire refers to the studies, sources, critical methods and interpretations used by scholars to develop a history of the Ottoman Dynasty's empire.

The Ottoman Empire, also known as the Turkish Empire, Ottoman Turkey, was an empire founded at the end of the thirteenth century in northwestern Anatolia in the vicinity of Bilecik and Söğüt by the Oghuz Turkish tribal leader Osman.

Historiography is the study of the methods of historians in developing history as an academic discipline, and by extension is any body of historical work on a particular subject.

The Ottoman dynasty was made up of the members of the imperial House of Osman, also known as the Ottomans.

History of the Ottoman Empire by Matteo Zilli


Historians and their ideas are the focus here; specific lands and historical dates and episodes are covered in the article on the Ottoman Empire.

THE HISTORY OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE - Discovery History Science (full documentary) by Discovery


Scholars have long studied the Empire, looking at the causes for its formation, its relations to the Great Powers and other empires, and the kinds of people who became imperialists or anti-imperialists, together with their mindsets.


The history of the breakdown of the Empire has attracted scholars of the histories of the Middle East, and Greece.

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, also known since ancient times as Hellas, is a country located in southeastern Europe.

The Middle East is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia and Egypt in North Africa.

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