Flying Cars


A flying car is a type of personal air vehicle that provides door-to-door transportation by both road and air.

A personal air vehicle or PAV, also personal aerial vehicle, is an emergent aviation market that would provide on-demand aviation services.

Flying Car - AeroMobil 3.0 demonstration by YOUCAR


The term "flying car" is often used to include roadable aircraft and hovercars.

A hover car is a personal vehicle that flies at a constant altitude of up to few meters above the ground and used for personal transportation in the same way a modern automobile is employed.

A roadable aircraft is a hybrid vehicle that combines the flying capability of an aircraft with the option of being driven as an automobile on the ground.

An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air.

Flying Car - Terrafugia Transition street-legal aircraft by YOUCAR


Many prototypes have been built since the first years of the twentieth century, but no flying car has yet reached production status.

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.


Their appearance is often predicted by futurologists, with their failure ever to reach production leading to the catchphrase, "Where's my flying car?"


Flying cars are also a popular theme in fantasy and science fiction stories.

Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction, typically dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.

Fantasy is a fiction genre that uses magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting.

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