Ernest Holmes


Ernest Shurtleff Holmes was an American New Thought writer, teacher, and leader.

The New Thought movement is a movement which developed in the United States in the 19th century, considered by many to have been derived from the unpublished writings of Phineas Quimby.

Dr. Ernest Holmes- Belief (Rare 1956 TV Recording) by NEVILLE & THE LAW


He was the founder of a Spiritual movement known as Religious Science, part of the greater New Thought movement, whose spiritual philosophy is known as "The Science of Mind."

Science of Mind was established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes and is a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious movement within the New Thought movement.

Ernest Holmes - Believe in Yourself - Law of Attraction - Science of Mind - with subtitles - by Spiritual Mind


He was the author of The Science of Mind and numerous other metaphysical books, and the founder of Science of Mind magazine, in continuous publication since 1927.


His books remain in print, and the principles he taught as "Science of Mind" have inspired and influenced many generations of metaphysical students and teachers.


Holmes had previously studied another New Thought teaching, Divine Science, and was an ordained Divine Science Minister.


His influence beyond New Thought can be seen in the self-help movement.

Self-help or self-improvement is a self-guided improvement—economically, intellectually, or emotionally—often with a substantial psychological basis.

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