the Doomsday Clock


The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face that represents a countdown to possible global catastrophe.

Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight by Associated Press


It has been maintained since 1947 by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board, who are in turn advised by the Governing Board and the Board of Sponsors, including 18 Nobel Laureates.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a nontechnical academic journal, published by Taylor and Francis that covers global security and public policy issues related to the dangers posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, climate change, and emerging technologies and diseases.

The Doomsday Clock Is Three Minutes To Midnight by InformOverload


The closer they set the Clock to midnight, the more vulnerable the scientists believe the world is to global disaster.


Originally, the Clock, which hangs on a wall in The Bulletin's office in the University of Chicago, represented an analogy for the threat of global nuclear war; however, since 2007 it has also reflected climate change, and new developments in the life sciences and technology that could inflict irrevocable harm to humanity.

The University of Chicago is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois and one of the world's leading and influential institutions of higher learning, with top ten positions in numerous rankings and measures.

Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time.


The most recent officially announced setting—two and a half minutes to midnight—was made in January 2017 due to "The rise of 'strident nationalism' worldwide, United States President Donald Trump's comments over nuclear weapons, and the disbelief in the scientific consensus over climate change by the Trump Administration."

The United States of America, commonly referred to as the United States or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television producer and politician, who is the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

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