Comedic Genres


Comedy may be divided into multiple genres based on the source of humor, the method of delivery, and the context in which it is delivered.

In a modern sense, comedy refers to any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter, especially in theatre, television, film, and stand-up comedy.

Genre is any category of literature, music, or other forms of art or entertainment, whether written or spoken, audio or visual, based on some set of stylistic criteria.

Humour is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement.


These classifications overlap, and most comedians can fit into multiple genres.

A comedian or comic, is a person who seeks to entertain an audience, primarily by making them laugh.


For example, deadpan comics often fall into observational boom comedy, or into black comedy or blue comedy to contrast the morbidity or offensiveness of the joke with a lack of emotion.

Deadpan or dry humor/wit describes the act of deliberately displaying a lack of or no emotion, commonly as a form of comedic delivery to contrast with the ridiculousness of the subject matter.

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