4 Facts About the Btr-40


The BTR-40 is a Soviet non-amphibious, wheeled armoured personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle.

In military operations, reconnaissance is the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and enemy presence.

An armoured personnel carrier is a type of armoured fighting vehicle designed to transport infantry to the battlefield.

BTR 60 soviet armoured personnel carrier by Panzersound


It is often referred to as the Sorokovka in Soviet service.

MT-LB vs BTR-40 english by GreaseMonkey0815


It is also the first mass-produced Soviet APC.


It was eventually replaced in the APC role by the BTR-152 and in the scout car role by the BRDM-1.

The BTR-152 was a six-wheeled Soviet armored personnel carrier †, built on the chassis and drive train of a ZiS-151 utility truck.

BRDM is an initialism for Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina,, literally "Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle".

The BRDM-1 was an amphibious armored scout car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union.

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