the Booker Prize


The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel, written in the English language and published in the UK.

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca.

The Man Booker Prize 2017 shortlist by TheManBookerPrize


The winner of the Man Booker Prize is generally assured international renown and success; therefore, the prize is of great significance for the book trade.

The Man Booker Prize 2017 longlist by TheManBookerPrize


From its inception, only Commonwealth, Irish, and South African citizens were eligible to receive the prize; in 2014, however, this eligibility was widened to any English-language novel.

Commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good.


A high-profile literary award in British culture, the Booker Prize is greeted with great anticipation and fanfare.

The culture of the United Kingdom is influenced by the UK's history as a developed island country, a liberal democracy and a major power; its predominantly Christian religious life; and its composition of four countries—England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland—each of which has distinct customs, cultures and symbolism.


It is also a mark of distinction for authors to be selected for inclusion in the shortlist or even to be nominated for the "longlist".

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