Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence or complete absorption of light.

Color or colour is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, blue, yellow, green, orange, or purple.

Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Like white and grey, it is an achromatic color, literally a color without hue.

White is the lightest color and is achromatic, because it fully reflects and scatters all the visible wavelengths of light.

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It is one of the four primary colors in the CMYK color model, along with cyan, yellow, and magenta, used in color printing to produce all the other colors.

A set of primary colors is, most tangibly, a set of real colorants or colored lights that can be combined in varying amounts to produce a gamut of colors.

The CMYK color model is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself.

Yellow is the color between green and orange in the spectrum of visible light, the color of ripe lemons, sunflowers and gold.


Black is often used to represent darkness; it is the symbolic opposite of white.

A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship.

Darkness, the polar opposite to brightness, is understood as a lack of illumination or an absence of visible light.


Black was one of the first colors used by artists in neolithic cave paintings.

The Neolithic Age, Era, or Period, or New Stone Age, was a period in the development of human technology, beginning about 10,200 BC, according to the ASPRO chronology, in some parts of the Middle East, and later in other parts of the world and ending between 4,500 and 2,000 BC.


In the 14th century, it began to be worn by royalty, the clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe.

Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia.


It became the color worn by English romantic poets, businessmen and statesmen in the 19th century, and a high fashion color in the 20th century.


In the Roman Empire, it became the color of mourning, and over the centuries it was frequently associated with death, evil, witches and magic.

The Roman Empire was the post-Roman Republic period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Evil, in a general context, is the absence or opposite of that which is described as being good.


According to surveys in Europe and North America, it is the color most commonly associated with mourning, the end, secrets, magic, force, violence, evil, and elegance.

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